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Saturday, October 30, 2010

October's Erratic Weather

October brought a trip to upstate New York and an opportunity to take some wedding photos (candids only!)  I wish I'd had more time for scenic shots there, but I didn't get many.  I did make six photo trips in Connecticut and two in Rhode Island, but the weather was often a challenge, being either cloudy gray or cloudy (too) bright, and one time where it just got too dark.  BUT, one of the stormy days produced some lovely skies!  I always take way more photos than I'll ever use...and then I get home and think...why didn't I take more of this or that, or of something else!  At least with local shoots, I can go back again. ☺
This photo of the Mystic River was taken during the one moment of a very overcast day when the sun did come out.  All the rest of the photos from that day are gray and gloomy. ☺