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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Hibernation

Helllloo, Armadillo!!
This critter appeared in our yard on one warm day here in Florida, but the month has been basically cold with temps in the 40s (F) both day and night. And I'm missing a big snow storm (photo opportunity) back home in CT!But this has been a good time to take a look at the photos I took on the way south. My camera passed 10,000 shots on Dec. 6th (just before it was nine months old), so I have captured many memories as well as some possible images for use on RedBubble. But progress has been slow due to a bad cold I've had since Thanksgiving. After 4 weeks, I'm now trying antibiotics. Depressing. ☻

Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Migration

The leaves have fallen, the temperature drops and it's time to head south. Packing for weeks on the road plus all the other activities involved in closing up a home for an extended period are very time consuming to say the least! Our trip this year included visits to Natural Bridge in Virginia, the Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina, and Amicalola State Park in Georgia plus a stop in St. Augustine. Yes, I took hundreds of photos. ☺ Here's one of a sunset in the Georgia mountains. ♥
Click here to read the quote:  At the End of the Day~ Courage

Saturday, October 30, 2010

October's Erratic Weather

October brought a trip to upstate New York and an opportunity to take some wedding photos (candids only!)  I wish I'd had more time for scenic shots there, but I didn't get many.  I did make six photo trips in Connecticut and two in Rhode Island, but the weather was often a challenge, being either cloudy gray or cloudy (too) bright, and one time where it just got too dark.  BUT, one of the stormy days produced some lovely skies!  I always take way more photos than I'll ever use...and then I get home and think...why didn't I take more of this or that, or of something else!  At least with local shoots, I can go back again. ☺
This photo of the Mystic River was taken during the one moment of a very overcast day when the sun did come out.  All the rest of the photos from that day are gray and gloomy. ☺

Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Days

I made a list of local places I wanted to photograph and I crossed off three in August.  However, for every place I visited, I came home and added two more to my list!  This month I went to New London to photo trains and graffiti.  I went to Harkness State Park twice for the ocean and flowers, and to Fort Trumbull for river views.  Our September weekend in Massachusetts gave us an early view of fall color.   I'm letting challenges on Red Bubble determine which photos will "go public" first.  I have LOTS of choices! lol

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Walking through August

Well, I made an all out effort to get out and do some serious walking, and I took hundreds of photos. It's funny how we visit so many places when we're on the road traveling, but just don't bother when we're home. So...I made a conscious decision to see some local scenery. Beauty is all around me and it's been fun exploring places I haven't seen in years!
Here is the mansion at Harkness State Park in black and white and edited to low key to create a mysterious atmosphere.  It was a cloudy day. ☺

Monday, July 26, 2010

July Excitement

I took advantage of a sale at RedBubble to order one of my own tee shirts.  I wanted to see the color, print and quality in person!  Here's the good news.  It looked as I expected based on the way I created it.  And it was soft.  And the measurement in inches was exactly as RB stated.  It did not look so much the way RB displays it on site, however.  ☺
I chose the "Someone Waits For You~ Grunge T-Shirt".  You can tell by the sticker (RB sells stickers) that the design is orange, but the lilies appear red/rosy on the "tee wearing figure" image.   Well, I can now say for sure that on the actual tee, the lilies are the same orange that they are in real life!  ♥
I have taken some photos of this tee with the lilies.  Now I need to choose one for the RB Buyer's booth, but this has been a very exciting month with a MAJOR family reunion and I've been much too distracted.  Maybe next month I'll get caught up....   (lol) sighhhhhhhh
PS You can see the grunge lilies sticker posted on the very first entry of this blog.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Is Over???

June went by way too fast or maybe I'm just spending way too much time in my several small gardens... AND on RedBubble!  There was my annual high school reunion, family visits and lots of picture taking.  The RB viewer at the top of this blog shows some of my additions to that site.  ☺♥♥♥