SummerJade Art and Tees

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Tee Shirt Colors

RedBubble has new tee shirt colors, making for some changes, though no where near as much work for me as when they resized the greeting cards!  The new colors are very BRIGHT! ☺ 
RB previously informed us in an article on tagging that one of the most common search terms is "white t-shirt".  I'm at a loss here.  lol   Why would a customer search for white tees?  I thought ALL tees came in white.  Sooo I began checking, and they don't.  We are free to omit colors, and some members choose to offer only a few color choices.  I always allow ALL colors.  Yes, some look terrible to me, but it's the customer's preference that counts.  

Soooo, if most customers are looking for white, what's with the new day-glo neon??  We'll see....
I have 11 tees, plan on 12, but have ideas for 13.  Noooo, can't have 13!!
When will I get back to photos?
Yikes!  It's 3:09am!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Irony, Total Irony!

I have been featured on the homepage at RedBubble!  Wow!  And did I know about it?  Did I see it?  NO!  I was here setting up this page.  I thought it would never happen.  Really.  And then it did.  And I missed it.

The featured photo was Peony Love.  It was taken at the North Carolina Arboretum in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Well, I didn't see it, but other people did.  And someone bought it!  Isn't that wonderful?!! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art for Sale!

After over 10 years of editing photos and creating albums over at WebShots, I sort of wandered into RedBubble to escape the loud intrusive pop-ups over there. Tee shirts are my new love, a new world for me.

I take photos, I don't draw, but as soon as I look at a photo I start to think of ways to "improve" it! lol Mother Nature often needs a little help, from my point of view. At RedBubble I have discovered grunge, but with my habit of repairing photos...well, it's been hilarious! I add grunge and then compulsively clean it up!!

I do have some grunge now and even one tee in grunge (design at left).  RedBubble is really inspiring!  I'm still taking photos and thanks to my RedBubble Gallery, I am now selling wall art and cards and more. ☺♥♥♥