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Monday, July 26, 2010

July Excitement

I took advantage of a sale at RedBubble to order one of my own tee shirts.  I wanted to see the color, print and quality in person!  Here's the good news.  It looked as I expected based on the way I created it.  And it was soft.  And the measurement in inches was exactly as RB stated.  It did not look so much the way RB displays it on site, however.  ☺
I chose the "Someone Waits For You~ Grunge T-Shirt".  You can tell by the sticker (RB sells stickers) that the design is orange, but the lilies appear red/rosy on the "tee wearing figure" image.   Well, I can now say for sure that on the actual tee, the lilies are the same orange that they are in real life!  ♥
I have taken some photos of this tee with the lilies.  Now I need to choose one for the RB Buyer's booth, but this has been a very exciting month with a MAJOR family reunion and I've been much too distracted.  Maybe next month I'll get caught up....   (lol) sighhhhhhhh
PS You can see the grunge lilies sticker posted on the very first entry of this blog.

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