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Friday, April 23, 2010

New Tee Shirt Colors

RedBubble has new tee shirt colors, making for some changes, though no where near as much work for me as when they resized the greeting cards!  The new colors are very BRIGHT! ☺ 
RB previously informed us in an article on tagging that one of the most common search terms is "white t-shirt".  I'm at a loss here.  lol   Why would a customer search for white tees?  I thought ALL tees came in white.  Sooo I began checking, and they don't.  We are free to omit colors, and some members choose to offer only a few color choices.  I always allow ALL colors.  Yes, some look terrible to me, but it's the customer's preference that counts.  

Soooo, if most customers are looking for white, what's with the new day-glo neon??  We'll see....
I have 11 tees, plan on 12, but have ideas for 13.  Noooo, can't have 13!!
When will I get back to photos?
Yikes!  It's 3:09am!!

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